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"POROSHENKO, YOU ARE A BASTARD" From the mouth of Donbass

“POROSHENKO, YOU ARE A BASTARD” From the mouth of Donbass

Please be advised this contains some very disturbing material. Don’t watch if you are of a sensitive nature.

Доводим до вашего сведения это содержит некоторые очень тревожные материал. Не смотрите, если вы из деликатного характера.

This is what war is like highlighting the plight of the Donbass region.

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Ashya King’s Brother Naveed Defends Parents’ Decision To Remove Him From Hospital

#AshyaKing ‘s Brother Naveed Defends Parents’ Decision To Remove Him From Hospital #weownyourchildren #youhavenorights

The brother of Ashya King, the five-year-old boy with a tumour whose parents removed him from hospital and fled to Spain, has defended them, saying they did not place his brother in “any danger at all”.

Brett King, 51, and Naghmeh King, 45, took their son from Southampton General Hospital without doctors’ consent they decided to leave the country to seek a form of treatment that is not available…

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#WakeUp #Awaken #nwo #illuminati #war

A short video that gives you the long and the short of it. Hope you like.

ISIL supported by shadow governments: US journalist

The ISIL terrorist organization is “one of a network of groups,” who are supported by “shadow governments” and numerous regimes around the world, including Israel and the United States, an American journalist says.

Syrian Girl: ISIS’ True Purpose Revealed

Concise reporting again from Syrian Girl in the zone ……

Leave The U.S. While You Still Can ……..

Drastic? Perhaps a year ago but today I know many friends looking to escape before the big one.