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Scotland’s Independence Vote Shows a Global Crisis of the Elites

#Scotland’s #Independence Vote Shows a Global #Crisis of the #Elites

When you get past the details of the Scottish independence referendum Thursday, there is a broader story underway, one that is also playing out in other advanced nations.
It is a crisis of the elites. Scotland’s push for independence is driven by a conviction — one not ungrounded in reality — that the British ruling class has blundered through the last couple of decades. The same discontent…

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(Police Beat Of The Week) #Video Shows Handcuffed Man Tazed Twice by Deputy #policebrutality

That handcuffed man was such a threat. I feel so much safer on the streets, not just for me, but my children also, that these law abiding uniformed psychopaths are there to serve and protect.

To Take Away The Public Seat At The Table Of #Government #EdwardSnowden #JulianAssange #NSA #Spy

I know so many people say “so what” to government spying on you. Listen to Edward Snowden for a few minutes and with any luck you’ll get it.

Will #Obama’s Bombs Stop #Beheadings? #RussellBrand The #Trews #iraq #aistrikes

I’m not a great fan of Russell Brand. Can’t really put my finger on why, but the information in this video is spot on, and his delivery, as always is amazing.

New Emergency Drills Simulate Nuclear Explosion In Nebraska

New Emergency Drills Simulate #Nuclear Explosion In #Nebraska #falseflag

Well its not happened today but….

Considering the large number of times that a false flag attack has occurred at or around the same time asnuclear explosion a military drill or a civilian emergency preparation drill in the past, it is understandable that many researchers, activists, and otherwise well-informed observers become concerned whenever such drills are scheduled.

This very reason is perhaps why many are…

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‘I Know What Happened to MH370′: Police Chief Claims He Knows the Truth About Missing Jet!

A new mystery surrounding the disappearance of MH370 emerged today after a police chief claimed he knew what had happened to the Malaysian Airlines jet.

Obama: If Assad Defends Against US Attack, US Will Attack

#Obama: If #Assad Defends Against #US Attack, US Will #Attack #Syria #drones #ww3 #pathtowar

I have only a few words for the title of this post.

“What a cock that man is”

Take a good long think about the people that put that “excuse for a man” in charge.

Only hours after delivering his ridiculous address to the American people regarding his strategy toGAME OF DRONEScombat an organization that is entirely the product of the United States and NATO and one that is still under complete control of these…

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#CDC issues #Ebola checklist: ‘Now is the time to prepare’ #infowars

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, warning hospitals and doctors that “now is the time to prepare,” has issued a six-page Ebola “checklist” to help healthcare workers quickly determine if patients are infected.